Monday, May 31, 2010

from "The Shaper", by Wallace Stevens.

"Paul Rosenfeld was a shaper who lived a life of shaping, that is to say, a Schopfer, who lived for the sake of Schopfung. Perhaps there existed for him an ideal Schopfung, a world composed of music, but which did not whirl round in music alone; or of painting, but which did not expand in color and form alone; or of poetry, but which did not limit itself to the explication oprhique of the poet. But whether or not there was an ideal Schopfung, in which everything coalesced, toward which everything converged, the truth about him seem to be that he was incessantly engaged or involved or attracted by the activity of shaping."

Pertaining to the latest work, the portraits, the still life, everything in the last few months. SP

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