Wednesday, June 29, 2011

july 20th

oil on panel, 20"x24"

oil on panel, 20"x24"

previously I used to rely on a narrative that was a direct reading of people, place and things that had become didactic. at this time I have shifted to using words to describe memories that play as an inner dialog when I work. some get written as a fragmented prose that gets stored away for later. other times a glimpse of something from life, a decorative border on a book, the wearing away of a wall or a stain on a sidewalk is also torn from the original and stored for later reference. These things inform the narrative account of subjective moments. fragments form the pieces and the painting becomes the account of trying to piece together and make sense of these fragments. things are omitted and editing occurs along the way, not unlike the way we work to filter through and question the subconscious's inner "goings on".

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